Gregory Diaz (Trinidad and Tobago)– “Thanks for this. I commend you and your progress and pray that Jehovah God Bless all of who you are.4 Star Rating

Jennifer Russo (San Francisco, CA)- I have been following this writer for many years. He is a compassionate writer who writes about his life experiences from his heart and his soul. One can relate to everything that he pens. Just read one of his books and you will want more! 
I know many writers, but you are my favorite, my friend. I am so lucky to call you my friend. I treasure your mind, spirit, and gift. I will always be the biggest fan of your writing.5 Star Rating
JR 💜

Tammy Cook (USA, Pennsylvania)- I enjoy every word this charismatic, creative and incredibly talented young man shares on IG-I discovered him quite by accident and have followed him ever since. I would suggest to anyone that you check him out-he is as real as they get and his positive and uplifting words sometimes feel like they were written just for my mood that day- I am never disappointed!! 5 Star Rating