Phuong Nguyen


Phuong Nguyen

What can I say about this poet…Phuong-who is of Vietnamese decent, now residing in Texas, has a passion for expressing her emotions though the words she pens. Phuong is one of the poets I came across when I first started out on Instagram to share my words to the world and begin my journey as an established author, among other things. We have collaborated on numerous occasions and surely will again in times to come.

I had the chance of speaking to Phuong about her reasons and inspiration for writing, and this is what she had to say,

“Just a girl with her iPhone. typing words into the Notes app

trying to make sense of the over flowing feelings from within.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has ever been lost, heart

broken and just speechless. But words are the speakers for when my mouth

couldn’t say a word. And that’s why I write. I write heartache,

I write happiness and over all I write for me and anyone who has ever felt lost.”

Spoken like a true poet. To get a taste of the words of the poet Phuong, you can view three out of the many pieces written by her below:







To get lost in more of the words of the talented Phuong, follow her pages:




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