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‘ECLIPSE’, a book of many things relevant to all who had, have, and will have breath. Within its covers are more than lackluster words scraping the superficial layer of this world. It’s not all for glitz and glam and flashy imagery.


For there is so much more intertwined with this life than rainbows and sunshine. Amid the positivity and beauty, not all is of pleasant intent, and sometimes the chaos is the path to enlightenment. This life, it has darkness, heartbreak, setbacks, and damn near brink of insanity moments. Life can eat you up and spit you out. People are dying. Wars are waging. Women are abused. Men are going extinct. Kids are being stripped of their innocence. It’s hell among the heaven. So as a writer, I dedicate my words, my art, to creating a language through its poetry to speak on that which revolves around and within us. For it is only by connecting with these dark truths in our lives and in the world, we can then make it through, together.

So if you want truth, view into the chaos, if you believe you can handle a look within me, within the world, within yourself. Get ready for the dark truths in “ECLIPSE”.


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