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When it comes to the poetics world, there is one poet in particular whose words have a way of creating an artistic imagery of emotion with depth that surrounds the mind of any reader. The way she combines and pieces her words together- its like a musical where the syllables and definitions create a masterpiece deserving of roses being tossed at the conclusion of its rendition. I can’t tell you how many times I have read her words and simply sat there wondering how can someone be able to pen such pieces-whether tragedy, heartbreak, bliss, she creates beauty every time.

Amy Johnson…the poet being worthy of this introduction. She resides in the Chicago area, and has lived there her whole life, other than when she was in the United States Coast Guard.

I had a very interesting and informative interview with Amy Johnson, the poet. Read below to gain a view into the mind and life of one of the poetic greats I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with.

I. Wimana.C- “Around what age did you begin writing poetry or realized you had the depth with words as you do? And what triggered that start to write poetry?”

Amy Johnson- “In high school, I liked to blow off class a lot and party. I would rush to turn in papers on honors English class without effort and my teacher would comment on how incredible my writing and insight was when most of the class wasn’t even really able to even decipher the British Lit and poetry. She would give me books to read from Transcendentalist artists and I couldn’t get enough. I loved reading poetry, and at 15 on I kept journals and wrote poetry. Then, In college I chose Teaching of English.”

“As far as writing poetry, I always wrote in a non-formal way through journaling and prose. At University of Illinois at Chicago is when I was given considerable interest and pushed more by my teachers in Literature and Rhetoric, as well as creative writing to really develop my hobby into a craft.”

I. Wimana. C- “Awesome! Now about your craft-is there any particular topic you like to write about? What inspires your words, what brings out the depth in your pieces? And what is your intentions or desire for the future in being a writer and author of poetry?

Amy Johnson-“In order to create I need experience, so I write on my life, perceptions, and feelings, both good and bad, I truly feel the moment the words don’t flow and the writing begins to feel forced is when the piece has lost its voice. The manic pain of 3am will speak through if I write in that moment. Capturing the essence of a moment in a way that speaks to the innermost voice. My intentions for the future is simple; writing is my therapy, my life’s story interpreted through a creative medium.”

“I plan on always writing, and I am currently wrapping up my final stages of the first draft of my full length book ‘Clear Signs and Blurred Lines.’

I. Wimana. C- “I can definitely relate to this. I’ve lost so many great moments to let the words pour because I didn’t write at the time when I was feeling so much. After that, the mood for that moment is gone.”

“Do you have any previous books or projects out, and if so where can readers get their hands on them?”

“Is there a time frame for the release of ‘Clear Signs and Blurred Lines?’

Amy Johnson- “I have ‘Chasing Rainbows in The Dark’ that was an Underwater Mountains release late 2015, and had to pull the distribution due to in-house production issues. I am currently working on the expanded re-release of that very shortly and I am hopeful that ‘Clear Signs and Blurred Lines’ will be out (hopefully) January of 2018. I have a contract with Promenade Publishing, but they aren’t releasing any publications currently due to the CEO’s health issues.”

“I’ve had some Publishing issues, however I still prefer to work with publishers over self publishing at this time, and everyone has their own opinions on this, with self publishing being so easy. I have talked to numerous publishing companies so stay tuned, I may have an announcement in the very near future.”

“Check my Instagram @amy.johnson.poetry for updates. If you’d like a copy of Chasing Rainbows please DM me, I have many on hand.”

“I also have many poems published in literary magazines, online journals, and write for variety of blogs and websites.”

And with a little more chatting about the poetry world, we ended up our interview. It was definitely an inspirational and enjoyable interview with the amazing Amy Johnson. Below you can find a few of her pieces that illustrate just how fluent and talented she is with words.


Accidental Beauty


Written in light of Suicide Prevention Day


American ‘Things’


You can find Amy Johnson’s Poetry and fall in love with her words at the following pages: