About The Author


Imo Wimana Chadband, known to the writing world as I. Wimana. C, is among other things; author, poet, songwriter, screenwriter, hailing from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean.

His core inspiration derives from life itself and what we all experience: heartbreak, love, humanity, Mother Nature, society…The list goes on. Music plays a major role in manifesting his inspiration and emotions into the deep words he produces.

He is a firm believer in love, whether in terms of relationships, or simply love for our fellow humans, as he believes it’s the core of this world.

Wimana pours his heart and soul out with his words. His writing is real, raw, and passionate; gripping the reader as they resonate with words dripping with emotion, connecting and relating what we all endure on this journey called life, together.

As time progresses, he dabbles more and more in arts of the literary world, and it’s certain, this will only become more of a fact with the increase of time.



*I. Wimana. C has carved his name into writer’s history with numerous achievements:

*Feature In CHE Magazine’s 10th Issue ‘Black Lives Matter’ (October 2015)

*Artist Spotlight on Chicago writer Amy Johnson’s Website (May 2016)

*Poem ‘Love’s Redemption’ Featured on Animals Who Love website. Animals Who Love is an organisation based in Minneapolis dedicated to making a difference by giving the universe words to allow solace for another human being seeking peace through their chaos. (July 2016)

*Debut Book- ‘The Puzzle: Finding That Missing Peace’ (August 2016)

*Featured writer with poem ‘Dark Side (Pain From Within) in Rad Press Publishing Literary Magazine Issue #1 (2016)

*Featured writer with poem ‘On Our Behalf’ in Rad Press Publishing Literary Magazine Issue #2 (November 2016)
Rad Press Publishing is a publishing company based in Atlanta GA.

*Collaboration poem with Cincinnati Author Reggie Johnson titled ‘Whiskey’ published in his book ‘Brain Dead’ (November 2017)
Rad Press Publishing is a publishing company based in Atlanta GA.

*Interview article in Tobago House of Assembly’s ‘Stories of The Day’ Publication (March 2018)

*2nd Book {Free Ebook}- ‘CATERPILLAR’ (April 2018)

*3rd Book- ‘ECLIPSE’ (May 2018)

*CTV (CNMG) TV Interview on Trinidad And Tobago’s Good Morning Tobago Segment (May 2018)

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