How I Made This Milestone In My Country As An Author

As a writer, I started out on this journey a few years ago, simply to publish a book, as everyone who read my work have been on me like moths to a flame to take my poetry more seriously. Fast forward through many trials and moments that damn near made me put down my pen and shelf my poetry, here we now are, in the year 2018. 

And with this advancement to time, comes the day I achieved a milestone in my career as an Author. How did I get there? Well…read on and you’ll find out…

Dating back to November 11th 2017, I got a private message on Facebook inquiring about my first book, and then the message went on to detail wanting to have a radio interview at the THA office. For those who are not familiar with my country, this ‘THA’ is the Tobago House of Assembly. Basically, it’s like a less hyped up version of the White House at my country of birth. So, it was kind of a big deal that someone recognized my work and wanted to put me on a platform to be heard. So at this moment, realizing the direction the conversation was headed, I was brewing with excitement as you would imagine.

Now, my country is made up of two separate Islands-Trinidad, and Tobago, thus, the name Trinidad and Tobago. I was born and raised in Tobago, but later down in my life I took residence in Trinidad, so the only thing stopping me from capitalizing on this opportunity, was the scheduling for both myself and the interviewer, as I would have to travel back home to Tobago to do the interview then head back to Trinidad to resume my regular life. Arrangements were made, and each time they fell through, over, and over, and over lol No fault of either of us.

This was an occurrence until around late April 2018-yes…2018! I remember I was in Tobago for a few days around the end of April, and the day that was scheduled again for the radio interview: which was a Monday I believe, it didn’t happen. Now by this time, my hopes of it happening were diminishing into thin air…The night of that Monday I communicated with the interviewer…and get this, we were going to make the radio interview happen the coming morning, which would be the Tuesday. With this new development, I canceled my boat trip back to Trinidad and extended my stay in Tobago for one, more, day…

Alright, so the morning has arrived-Tuesday, and I am already about my business as I assumed due to there not being any contact to confirm the interview will be happening, that it probably was too much of a rush. At this time I am away from any sort of internet or wireless connection, so little do I know, the interviewer is calling and messaging me on Facebook, but I’m not getting anything because I have no connection. You can image my expression when I got back to the house and saw the messages popping up when I connected to the WiFi. I responded in swiftness. By this time it was around probably nearing lunch, I’m not sure the exact time. But the room was already set up and they were waiting on me. So I rushed and got ready and out I went.

About 45 minutes later I’m at the THA’s office and in the room with everything set up and just waiting on yours truly to arrive.


A nervous me, was now being recorded and asked questions. Oh, might I mention due to the timing, we did not get to do a briefing on the questions or anything so all of this is happening real time and I’m just going with the flow as best I could lol. With a fumble here, and a fumble there, I made it through the interview. Might I add though, that it went well and was a good experience.

Later that day, parts of the interview was aired on a number of radio stations. I was getting messages from friends with recorded clips of the interview. Little old me, that had no idea what I was doing when I started my social media pages a couple years back to pursue my career as a writer, was now on the radio waves. And if I thought that was enough of an accomplishment, I later learned that an article was done up on me for the THA’s ‘Story Of The Day’, wow right?! 


You can view the actual story via this link

I must say, this interview and article, opened a whole new door for me, but this will be detailed in another future blog post. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy the next story even more. 

So, this was how I got both a radio interview and made the news in my Country. I must thank all of you guys for being my motivation and keeping me going and giving my poetry purpose. I can’t do this without any of you, and with the continued support from God and you guys, there’s no telling how far I’ll go.

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