Superman And Wonder Woman

Thoughts of you got my mind racing
Switching gears, my heart the engine and it’s pacing
Being that fine should be a crime, should be taken to the station
Lock you away in my heart no bail or probation
Many try to copy but they’re just an imitation
You are the definition of beauty, angelic representation
Prophecy fulfilled, you are my revelation
You for me only, others of no relation
If they disrespect what we got, friendship meets termination
Focus solely on you, non-stop meditation
Studying your body like you got accreditation
Put me to the test I’m ready for any evaluation
Both speak in tongues no need for translation
Know me well enough to know that last sentence interpretation 😉
Your love is a disease willingly I accept contamination
You make my world go round, metaphoric rotation
Your love’s an intake into my respiratory circulation
Give me a high like no other, grounded levitation
Heart called for help you zoned in on my location
Repaired my broken heart piece by piece enabling renovation
Numb out the pain of the past you became my sedation
Brought me back from death the miracle to my resuscitation
You make me better, give me purpose, my motivation
When I’m with you, I got no limitation
Baby we the bomb, standby for detonation
All who wait to see us fail under emergency evacuation
We prepared for this, ex’s were just the simulation
Road to happiness, love is our transportation
The dessert after my dinner no need for reservation 😉
You light up my world, source of my emanation
That’s why to make us last forever is my determination
Love after the first encounter of salutation
Thought I needed no one but upon further investigation
Realized I needed you for self-preservation
So we made a pact and made our declaration
Superman And Wonder Woman, we’re out for world domination
-I. Wimana. C


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