Just Us…Destiny!…I’m Tasting Heaven

Let me start by apologizing for taking so long

It seems I could’ve only been right from first being wrong

Had to be at my worst to find where I really belong

I promise no fat lady ain’t going to sing no song,

Allow me if you please to speak on my heart’s behalf

For you rescued me from the hurt of my past

Honestly, the last was intended to be my last

But my life got a new script staring me and you as the cast,

Neither of us understands as it happened so fast

Big bang theory of love our first contact is the blast

Relationship formed and we now walk the same path

Take you from me what’s left?…Baby you do the math

I’m nothing, i’m nada, i’m zero, i’m zip

That’s what I become if we ever were to split

But I hope we do the complete opposite

Hope I found love for real and not another counterfeit,

There’s so many things I like about you

Like that flawless smile and that eye twitch look kinda thing you do

You think it’s gangster but I think it’s cute

Oh and there’s that obvious curve, yea I like that, it’s true:)

And i’m not trying to boast or trying to act shrewd

But I understand real love, not like no other past dude

I’m not going to hurt you, betray or try to elude

I’m here for life, this relationship is just a prelude

Yea i’m going to make you my wife, no one can on that destiny intrude

Then it’s happily ever after, joined, linked, glued,

What i’m about to say isn’t meant as disrespect or meant to be rude

But for future refrence I want to make use of your Fallopian Tubes 🙂

Those past fellas are asses, the analogy to proctology

I say this clearly without any apology

At the end of the day I stick to my personal philosophy

Haters going to hate…arm yea probably,

But we won’t be phased, we were ought to be

I’ll always be next to you like A to B

But we more like I and U due to physical distance between us

Yet our love grows that’s how I know it’s real love and not just lust,

It’s because of you i’m feeling better than I used to be

Usually…happiness wasn’t friends with me

We had a fight, broke up, it packed and left

But we patched up now and we’re going to be together till death

All three of us…

Yes I said three,

Happiness is two

Cause it doesn’t exist without you,

Realk talk no fronting though, upon our collision

You knocked me off my feet like a building set for demolition

Now I got you, you got me, exchange and acquisition

Me + You = 1 O_o, was never that good at addition,

Baby you so pure and fly, reference to a pigeon…



Hope that line made you smile

It was corny, but sometimes corny’s my style

But seriously girl I promise i’ll make your life worth wild

Cause you gave me the chance when others were left in denial,

First sight of you I was sold, to the girl of my dreams, metaphoric auction

Thought you were knock out gorgeous, almost got a concussion

You broke my walls down like you majored in construction

Me and You…now that’s Love’s greatest concoction

Stole my heart like extraterrestrial abduction

Air’s no longer sufficient I need you to function

Our future doesn’t need anyone to get sanctioned

This is us, it’s Destiny, individually imperfect, together perfection

-I. Wimana. C


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