Destined To Win…Prayed On To Lose

I’m destined to win, but prayed on to lose

By ill minded who could never take even a step in my shoes

My life is on the gas, while you’re stuck in cruise

I blew tires, replaced engines, repeatedly blew a fuse

This is the life I was given, but to live it is what I choose

Cause I’m not a quitter that’s what separates me from you dudes

Defeat my doubters with success, now how can I refuse

While mediocrity gets you excited, I’m not even amused!

Can’t stop what I was destined for, success is in the fabric

Drown out the negativity, mind set on aquatic

While you talking to bring me down all I’m hearing is static

You say I was born a failure, well I’m breaking the habit!

Your character resembles plastic, mine’s more along melanocratic

I’m residing with the stars, you residing among patrick

You trying to run my life, last time I checked it was monocratic

You just Never Attained Success, opposite to illmatic

Needs to invest in a boat and of my life stop overseeing

Telling me that I can’t make it but seeing is believing

Got His breath of Life so why wouldn’t I be breathing

That’s like my trump and not playing it? Ain’t no way am I reneeding!

So I suggest you think before continuing proceeding

To cross this here line_____I suggest you start receding

I’m on my grown man flow you stock at the level of teething

I built up my experience and evolve like a seaking

I’m royalty, you should address me by your highness

For everything else there’s mastercard, but my success is priceless

When life throws me lemons I make poetry, rhymefest

These words are food for thought, partake and let it digest

And for all those times I got turned down on request

This Prince has finally found his way around to his Princess

No John Reese but suddenly I’m now the person of interest?

Sorry but allow me to show my sincerity in the deepest.

These words are my statement, hope that you are hearing

My vehicle is success, God the driver, that’s what I call power steering

All the obstacles in my path I am and will be clearing

This is just a preview my success story soon to be premiering

Told you I was coming, to bring your best and start preparing

I got on the armor of God I don’t know what you are wearing

You tried to stop my blessing so to you I am now addressing…

Dear devil…you are not so daring!…

-I. Wimana. C


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