Welcome To My Site!


So! It’s finally here, MY WEBSITE! Believe it or not, it’s been in the making since somewhere mid 2016. 

At some point I lost the feel for it and I placed a pause on my website…but, sometime about a month or so ago I believe, I was surging with new passion for my writing craft and creating something more as my mark in the writing world, and yes, I scrapped the entire site I began building and turned it into this!

My intention with this site is not only for it to be a hub for everything I. Wimana. C related, but to also showcase different art forms (whether it be music, poetry, painting, etc) of others throughout the world of art and act as a medium for lovers of art in general (to request to be a featured artist on my website, please go to the ‘WEBSITE FEATURE’ selection under the ‘CONTACT’ menu).

For those who have followed me from the beginning, you have my utmost thanks and appreciation. You are aware of the struggles that nearly made me quit time and time again, but you have always encouraged and supported me. For those who have recently began following my journey and those who will come to follow as well, I thank you for being here and I pray you never leave. None of this is, or would ever be possible without your support and love for my art, and I’m always appreciative for everything you do for me. With the launch of this site, I want my words and presence in the writing world to spread a lot further as I continue to master my craft and bring even better projects for you to fall in love with. I can’t accomplish this without you, and I ask for your continued support; whether it be by sharing my work, or telling friends and family about my pages and my projects, or purchasing my books and projects, or simply sending words of encouragement. Any support given I will greatly appreciate. There’s so much more in store I have for you.

So, with no further delay…I Welcome You To The Official Website Of I. Wimana. C

P.S. check out my books under the ‘BOOKS’ menu of my site, and purchase your copy(^_^) There is also a free Ebook ‘CATERPILLAR’ there as well which you can download free of charge, simply written as a Thank You to you all.

Much Love

-I. Wimana. C

2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Site!

  1. Nuff Kudos and Congrats IMO Chadband
    I greatly appreciate this website and will support you as much as I can in all your endevours
    is the Testimonial my sign-up to your email list?
    cause I don’t wish to miss any of your blogs
    Thanks much, God Bless and keep on keeping on – – – – –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a mil bro, really means a lot. I appreciate the support. If you follow me then you should get updates on when I post a blog, but I’ll add that update to my site so there can be a mailing list so for sure everyone who wants to can be kept up to date. Until then I can save your email address if you send in a testimonial and send out a message when I update my blog or have an event on the site


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